About Sarelle

Quality, taste and passion; all in one jar from past to present, Sarelle was initially produced by Sagra, Turkey’s first hazelnut processing facility, which was established as a family business in Ordu in 1936.

Sarelle’s unique formula owes its flavor to its production line in Ordu province of the Black Sea Region, which hosts the richest hazelnut orchards in the world.

Sarelle continues to be the pioneer of the sector with its different flavor alternatives that appeal to all age groups and its “natural ingredients” products that it always prioritizes. Products that do not contain trans fat, colorants and preservatives are produced with natural vanilla flavor.

 Adopting the concept of “naturalness”, Sarelle’s Cocoa Hazelnut Paste and Hazelnut Paste with 45% hazelnut content are the one-and-only for those who love intense hazelnut flavor. Sarelle Dark Hazelnut Paste is the tailor-made chocolate for those whose mouth are always covered with chocolate, while Sarelle Duo is the fancy option for the children. Sarelle No Sugar, which lays away the Sarelle in its own division, is a product that can be used by both those who want to keep their shape and those who have diabetes, under the supervision of a doctor.

Sarelle has different weight and flavor alternatives for consumption in different occasions such as home, school, office at any time of the day, as well as at breakfast tables.

With its unique flavor of Sagra hazelnuts, Sarelle welcomes the Turkey with people of all styles, age, job, taste.

In addition to these products, Sarelle’s milk and dark chocolate coated varieties of Cocoa Hazelnut Paste, Bitter Hazelnut Paste and Hazelnut Paste filled bars, consisting of liquid cream and crispy wafers, are delicious snacks that can bring joy to you in your daily life.

Sarelle continues its operations at full speed under the roof of the Sagra Group, by transferring to OYAK Group, one of the well-established companies of Turkey, together with Tadelle, Sagra and Gol brands as of 2021.

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